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Tomahawk Timberframe - Brighton, CO

Tomahawk Timberframe in partnership with Cottonwood-Design Gives you New World Technology with Old World Craftsmanship.

A Tomahawk Timberframe home is uniquely yours, we design & build one of a kind homes that are something more, a Legacy that will last for ever!

You get expert craftsmanship with attention to detail that is unequaled. Ezra, Gideon, & Noah, Master Timberwrights have expanded their knowledge of wood working by becoming students of the Amish. They have learned the discipline it takes to do everything by hand and have set the highest standard in the industry. When it comes to service they have years of experience. They work with Cottonwood-Design for architectural and engineering expertise.

The home you build is only limited by your imagination.

Ezra, handcrafting a beam
of Tomahawk Timberframe
Brighton, Co.


Hannah - timberwright and superintendant on building sites